Inductive Proximity Switches, Capacitive Proximity Switches, Magnetic Proximity Switches, Electromagnetic Vibrator Controllers, Digital Frequency Controllers
Inductive Proximity Switches
Proximity Switches - Inductive & Capacitive, Magnetic Proximity Switches, Optical Proximity Switches, Magnetic Level Switches, Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Solid State Relays, Process Control Instruments, Digital Temperature Controllers, Digital Counters, Press Counter, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Frequency Meters, Indicators, Digital Indicators, Digital Temperature Indicators, Control Systems, Industrial Automation Systems for Machine Tools, Packaging Industry, Injection Moulding Machines, Automobile Manufacturers, Process Plant Machiner, Textile Machinery, Digital Timers & Counter, RPM Indicators, Digital Indicators, Digital Temeprature Indicators, Belt Monitoring Switches for Material Handling, Speed Indicators, Speed Monitors, Pull Cord Switches, Zero Speed Switches, Belt Sway Switches, Digital Temperature Scanner with Communication Port, Data Logger, Custom Built Micro Controller Based Systems, Temperature Sensors, Auto Turned PID Controllers, Switching Mode Power Supplies, Vibrator Controller for Electro Magnetic Vibratory

• Inductive Proximity Switches
• Capacitive Proximity Switches
• Magnetic Proximity Switches
• Electromagnetic Vibrator Controllers
• Belt Monitoring Switches
• Digital Frequency Controllers

WELCOME TO Sai Control System
Inductive Proximity Switches

• Inductive Proximity Switches
• Capacitive Proximity Switches
• Magnetic Proximity Switches
• Electromagnetic Vibrator Controllers
• Digital Frequency Controllers

Sai Control System was established in 1997 by a team of three technocrats namely Mr. Potdar R.G. Mr Wele S.V, and Mr. Patil C.N. in Pune to provide the expanding need of Process Control Instruments & automation components to the industry. All the partners are highly qualified Electronics Engineers with experience in R & D, marketing & in Industrial Power Electronics etc.
Inductive Proximity Switches
Sai Control System
Paras Industrial Estate, Phase III, B-12, 1st Floor, T-Block, MIDC,  Bhosari, Pune - 411 026, Maharashtra, India.
+ 91 - 20 - 27110184, 30621746
Mobile No.
Mr. Wele : + 91 9822024338
Mr. Potdar : + 91 9371019074
Inductive Proximity Switches
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